Like Home

When seniors or others need long or short-term assistance with their daily living needs,home is the most comfortable and convenient place to recieve care.


Here is what some of our past and present clients have to say about No Place Like HomeCare:

Carol Feller, Social Services Director.

Lisa Hurley, Social Services Coordinator.

Springs at Boca Ciega Bay.

"I just wanted to say thank you for your diligent and conscientious care over the past four months. My mother's last months, although trying (a euphemism), were made better by your caregivers, and by all of your help. Thanks to you, Tasha, Anabelle, Fazeena, and of course, Cindy. What a team! Mom is finally at peace, and what relief this brings me. Joel, a special thank you to you. There's really lots to say and few words to capture what I'd like to say. You're a special person and that shines through in your work. Thanks. And Danielle, we never had the pleasure of meeting, but I just know we'd get along well. Thanks for all your work in the shadows. I always knew you were there and felt your support. Best wishes to the both of you in your personal and professional lives."
"We prayed for the right agency and our prayers were answered! Joel and his wonderful caregivers are so compassionate, loving, kind, and professional, and they exceeded our expectations by far. If ever a need arises again, I will not hesitate to call NO PLACE LIKE HOMECARE – They were angels from above."
"We love all our aides but are especially fond of Ali who is beyond description as you are well-aware. Love you two also (Joel & Danielle Chaffins – owners) – and many thanks for the delicious contents of the Christmas basket. We really enjoyed it. Love you both!"
"The support given by NO PLACE LIKE HOMECARE for my mother, especially during my father’s last days, was something that I will never forget. It’s been two years of caregiving from Connie and she is now like a family member who we trust and depend on - on a daily basis. My siblings and I are sincerely appreciative of the personal experience we have witnessed in the care of our mother from Joel & Danielle Chaffins, managing partners, as well. We could not ask for more from a home care agency."
"Taneshia was just great and has called back from time to time to say hello and see how we are doing. She is a real asset to your company. Not to leave Ann out, as she also did a great job. Thanks to both of them as well as NO PLACE LIKE HOMECARE."
"Caregivers have been outstanding. Dorothy especially felt like a family member. Geri was also great. I haven’t met Judy yet, but Mom is happy. An outstanding organization!"