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When seniors or others need long or short-term assistance with their daily living needs, home is the most comfortable and convenient place to recieve care.

5 steps to reverse Dementia as you age

8 January, 2016

    Most people consider memory loss as a part of the human ageing process. However, science differs from this stereotype. Just like any other disease, certain factors can cause Dementia. Deficiency of vitamins, lack of sleep, Mercury intoxications and reduced body activity are some factors that eventually cause damage to our brain and result in memory.
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How Peer Groups Can Do Wonders For The Elderly

2 January, 2016

With the onset of old age, the social circle of elders begins to shrink comparatively. They visit fewer places and perform fewer tasks, which often leads to depression. Some people feel a sudden change in their life after their spouse's retirement or their own. The job or the work they were doing along with the schedule they followed for over 30 to 35 years suddenly gets dissolved..
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Top 4 Myths surrounding Home Care

21 December, 2015

                    We live in a world where care, is the most precious gift that we can give. It is in the very nature of human beings, to care. Our parents imbue us with compassion as we grow up and as they age, we grow up and need to take the mantle of work, profession and.
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Debunking the Myths of Hospice

15 December, 2015

                          Hospice care is given to the terminally ill patients, only after a doctor and the Director of Hospice give their affirmation on the condition of the patient. Hospice can be defined as a comprehensive set of care and.
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More Caregivers Are No Spring Chickens Themselves

8 September, 2015

[caption id="attachment_992" align="alignleft" width="150"][/caption] Gail Schwartz, 78, helped her husband David, 85, out of his wheelchair at their home in Chevy Chase, Md., where she thinks he does better than he would at a nursing home.    Gail Schwartz wants to keep her 85-year-old husband out of a nursing home as long as she can, but it isn’t.
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Hearing Loss May Be Associated with Dementia, Alzheimer’s

17 November, 2014

“New studies show that individuals who experience the greatest loss of hearing are at a higher risk of having Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia when compared to individuals with mild or no hearing loss.” For several years I’ve felt certain that my Mom’s cognitive decline began with her hearing loss. She had worn a.
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What is the difference between Alzheimer’s, dementia, old age memory loss?

7 October, 2014

For many years it was thought that memory loss was nothing more than hardening of the arteries suffered by most people during the natural aging process. Often called “senility,” it was common to equate the behaviors of someone with Alzheimer’s as “old age senility.” At 93, my grandmother was considered “senile” and her.
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10 Steps to Help Older Adults Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls

9 September, 2014

Posted: Friday, September 5, 2014 9:39 am |Updated: 12:31 am, Sat Sep 6, 2014. (NewsUSA) (NewsUSA) - Some of the most serious injuries among older adults, age 65 and older, are caused by falling. More than 1.6 million older Americans end up in the emergency room or hospital because of a fall, according to the National.
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How To Manage The Sandwich Generation Juggling Act — 8 Childish Things Caregivers Should Do

12 August, 2014

  A recent Pew Research report showed the Sandwich Generation -- those 24 million Americans squeezed between caring for children and aging parents simultaneously -- may be getting younger. Previous studies and research have identified a typical Sandwich Generation member as a baby boomer -- however Pew found while 33 percent of this segment of caregivers are boomers, a.
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Caring for the Alzheimer’s Caregiver

29 July, 2014

By: Jane E. Brody Paul Divinigracia does not consider himself a saint. But to observe how he cares for his wife, Virgie, now 11 years into Alzheimer’s disease, you might think otherwise. The Divinigracias celebrated their 50th anniversary in August. At 75, Mr. Divinigracia still calls his 87-year-old wife “dear,” and he clearly means it, even after he has.
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New Long-Term Care Insurance Benefit Plans May Offer Affordable Option for Paying for In-Home Care, According to Private Care Association

11 March, 2014

SOUTHERN PINES, N.C., Feb. 28, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Elder care experts advise that the emergence of new strategies enabling consumers to convert their life insurance policies into long-term care insurance benefit plans could offer millions of Americans a viable strategy for being able to afford the cost of paying for in-home private care. "Two out of every five.
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7 October, 2013

[caption id="attachment_657" align="alignnone" width="150"][/caption] Joel Chaffins, President, Owner / Operator, No Place Like HomeCare, LLC "40 Under 40" With a slight country drawl and red guitar strapped over his shoulder, Joel Chaffins makes his way around town, visiting each of his “75 grandparents.” Chaffins owns No Place Like Home Care, a private.
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Americans Enjoying More Healthy Years

19 September, 2013

Study found 2-year lifespan gain, fewer disease symptoms THURSDAY, Sept. 12 (HealthDay News) -- Americans are living longer and healthier lives than ever before, according to a new study. Researchers analyzed government data collected over the last three decades and found that people today can expect to have two more years of healthy living than they could just a generation.
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Age-related Memory Lapses May be Reversible, A Study Finds

29 August, 2013

A new study suggests that older people who occasionally forget some things or memories should not be terrified that they may have Alzheimer’s as it is something reversible. Dr. Eric Kandel, lead author of the 2000 Nobel Prize research which identified the molecular basis of age-related memory loss, and his team studied eight human brains from the New York Brain Bank at Columbia.
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‘Powerful effect of exercise’ against Alzheimer’s

22 August, 2013

  Exercising for 150 minutes each week may be the best treatment for Alzheimer's, according to a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. Researchers from the University of Maryland School of Public Health conducted the study, which reveals that exercise could improve cognitive function in people at risk of Alzheimer's by improving the efficiency.
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Who will care for an aging generation?

2 August, 2013

When Mary Sterling faces an obstacle, she remembers her mother's credo: You come from a long line of strong, independent women. Now that Sterling is in her 80s, that advice resonates more than ever, especially when it concerns her health. She still lives in her own apartment and is able to drive. But being strong and independent doesn't mean the same thing as when she was in her.
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